My Newest Hobby!


Ok, so YouTube is helping me go for broke.  How?  Because I keep finding crafting ideas that I want to try.  For the longest time, I was a cross-stitcher and occasional painter.  I wasn’t very good at the latter, so I decided to watch a YouTube video on acrylic painting.  Then, on the side bar with all of the glorious suggested videos, I seen one about water-coloring that caught my attention.  I watched it, then another, and another.  By that afternoon, I had a brand new Canson watercolor pad, and a 24-tube pack of watercolors.

Forward into time, I ended up catching a card making video.  Instantly, I was hooked!  My husband and I went to Michaels the very next day.  That is just TWO of the new hobbies I have picked up from watching tutorials on YouTube.  Here are some more!

  1. Crochet
  2. Knitting
  3. Christmas Ornament-Making
  4. Jewerly
  5. Embroidery
  6. Wood Burning
  7. Quilting
  8. And now, Polymer Clay Charms

Yesterday, I bought everything I needed to get started on my new hobby, making those cute little charms out of clay.  I’m not so sure watching YouTube is a good idea for someone like me, but I just can’t get enough.   My tiny little craft room is definitely busting at the seams!

12043112_1498564483806109_5193292472513393575_n 12187653_1498571633805394_2448831160279041689_n


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