My Own Worst Critic


Yesterday, a good friend of mine and I had ourselves a mini ‘show and tell’ with the adult coloring book pages we were working on.  She began to tell me that she wasn’t sure how she felt about her picture, and I told her that I was feeling a little ‘Eh’ about mine.  But, at the same time, expressing just how much we loved each others work.

I am my own worst critic.  I could have 100 people tell me how much they love my artwork and still think it looks terrible.  Trying to get out of this mindset is not easy, but it’s doable.  Today, I have been working very hard on my artistic self confidence.  Instead of saying that I stink at something, or comparing myself to other artists, I am giving myself praise.

I have to tell myself that there is really no right way to do art.  Art is in the field of self-expression, and I believe that no two artists are the same.  Everyone has their own methods and mediums, and everyone has the right to use whatever tools they want to use and create anything their imagination lets them.  My color choices and shading methods may not be up to par with so-and-so, but it’s my style.

Today, and everyday from here on out, I am challenging myself to say only positive things about my artwork.  If you are like me, I challenge you to do the same!



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  1. Wonderful news! Remember EVERYONE is their own worst critic! It’s a healthy and normal thing to criticize your own work but you must also remember to give yourself praise when you do well! Just remember what you told me, no matter what you do, it won’t be perfect and that’s okay. It’s not supposed to be perfect. But the most important thing to remember is that you are unique and special and so is your art. Don’t try to copy others or even compare yourself or your art to them. Just be YOU with your style and your favorite tools and your colors. I know you enjoy it when others like your art but it doesn’t really matter what we think. Just do art and have fun. By the way, a key part of having fun with art is to let yourself make mistakes and don’t be so hard on yourself. I hope what I said helps.

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